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Thread: Another Vietnam Short Story

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    Default Another Vietnam Short Story

    This one's only 1,800 words long. Love some feedback. It's called - Ivy, Two-Twenty-Two, Charley, Three.

    Any interest?

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    I've been holding off for awhile MSG. I'm interested but at this time for some reason or another I've been experiencing something I've never experienced before. I just can't figure it out. I get real queasy when the subject of Vietnam comes up. I've been having some really weird dreams. I used to watch many documentaries about the war & never flinched. I haven't for awhile because I just haven't noticed any on cable. Had there been any on I certainly would have watched them. I'm worried that I have late arriving PTSD, & I mean LATE (a half century?, LOL) but I'm totally normal in all other aspects. I have not met an old comrade that I served with or talked to any of them online, the phone or in person. I haven't talked about the subject at all to anybody. It just came suddenly & out of the blue. A couple of weeks ago I had a stress test & a physical & the doc says I'm fine. Slightly elevated blood pressure but I've had that since I was a teenager & it's considered my normal. I've just been a bit edgy lately. I don't want to see a shrink because that may disqualify me from carrying a firearm which I do as a PI & for everyday self-defense. I think I'm tough enough to work through it but I think I'll stay out of the woods for awhile.

    Sorry about talking about this. I certainly don't mean to burden you with my problems.
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