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Thread: does size matter in the Rangers?

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    Default does size matter in the Rangers?

    im around 5'8" 150 pounds, and the more rangers i see, the more i see they are over 6 foot and extremely buff, can small guys keep up with the huge guys? I have the 40 option in my contract and i just hope i dont washout.

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    no. I knew Rangers shorter than you.
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    The Rangers/SF and such have a physical aspect to it but it's all achievable, the real factor is the mental stress. Size doesn't matter.
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    Average height and weight of Rangers is 69 inches and 175lbs, or so I read in a book. My dad is that size and made it into SF and there are guys smaller than him in there.

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    My son is 5'9" & at the time he enlisted weighed about 170 lbs. He had a very successful enlistment in the 75th Ranger Regt. The 75th made him a 192 pounder, all muscle weight.

    If that's what you're planning on doing be prepared for a long wait. The Ranger Assessment program is pretty much filled up for the year. You'll need an Option 40 enlistment contract & those are very hard to get. Once you get it you'll go to RASP right after Airborne School. On the first day there you'll take a PT test at the 17-21 age group standards regardless of your age. You must pass with a minimum score of 80 in all 3 events & even then they take the top 18 scorers & move them along. The rest are done & go to various units, not necessarily an Airborne unit either. Each & every day you're in RASP is a day that might see you washed out.

    There are some MOSs that have openings for RASP. Check with your Recruiter but if you already have a contract, Option 4 I believe I read in another post, I doubt very much if your Recruiter will take the time & trouble trying to get it changed to an Option 40. Ask him & then get off the computer & start doing PT. When your'e done with that do some more. That's the only way you can get selected to be in the 75th Rangers. Once you're there it doesn't stop. Most Rangers consistently score 100% or very near to it on the APFT. World-class athletes.

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