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Thread: NCO's attending BCT

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Chris Cooper View Post
    I just graduated BCT in May. I went through as an E6. It was weird being the same rank as most of the drill sergeants. I was housed with the other guys. I stayed in a room with another NCO going through basic. I did get to keep my phone all through BCT as well. The drill sergeants were not allowed to get in our face an scream at us but they could correct us. We did not have to walk around with a Battle Buddy.
    Did you get paid as an E-6 while in BCT? I have been reading a lot of forums and a lot of people is speculating. I will like to know a little more about your expirience due to I will have mine soon and I like to go as prepare as I can.

    Thank You!!

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    Of course you get paid as an E6..
    TANKER - That dusty, crusty, grease-covered, dirty, sweaty, bright-eyed, fuzzie-faced,
    haircut-needing, beer-drinking, underrated, over-worked, underpaid,
    oversexed, little shit, who can take a tank and do more battlefield damage in
    ten minutes than a Grunt squad can do all day.

    If you ain't Armor, you ain't shit.

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