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Thread: 2012 USAREC Officer Candidate Boards

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    Default 2012 USAREC Officer Candidate Boards

    Does anyone have information about when the USAREC board will meet for the end of year 2012 board? My packet has been submitted by my officer recruiter but he hasn't given me a date yet for when they will meet.

    I ask because I need to re-clear through MEPS because of a surgery I had since my last physical. He has told me that I can't re-clear until my current physical expires (15 NOV).

    Also, I'm an older candidate. As an objective reader, do I seem like a good candidate? Stats are below:

    33 year old male, APFT scores in the 280's currently.
    AFQT score: 99
    GT: 141
    College Degree in Medical Sciences - Magna Cum Laude with a 3.77 GPA

    Any feedback from knowledgeable individuals is appreciated.

    Thank you.

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    You won't be going active duty.
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    I should have mentioned this - I'm going for a reserve position.

    I think the board will be in January 2013 - any word on that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UCPharmD View Post
    You won't be going active duty.

    I'm aiming for a reserve position. I have a career as a Paramedic already and can not leave that permanently.

    Looking more - I think the board is scheduled for January 2013. Again, is anyone able to confirm?

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