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Thread: Problem With Platoon Sergeants

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    Default Problem With Platoon Sergeants

    I am currently in AIT at Ft. Gordon, I'm having a problem with my platoon sergeants nit picking at my profile, the doctor I'm seeing put what he could down for restrictions from doing PT because of my knee injuries. However my platoon sergeants are wanting to say that I can do things or comparing actions in pt to doing essential to life things such as getting dressed.

    With my current injuries getting down into any positions is painful and aggravates my knee's causing me more pain earlier in the day, a platoon sergeant compared getting down multiple times over and over for pt excersises to getting dressed in the morning trying to justify that it is something i can do. However I cant really defend or stand up for myself because I'm just a private.

    Here is what my profile says:

    No Bending, Climbing, crawling,crouching, kneeling or lifting lowering,carrying. No Running. No standing for more than 10 minutes no twisting. walking/marching at own pace and distance.

    No Run or ruck march. soldier may perform elliptical,stairmaster,swim,bike or walk for pt. IF UNABLE TO MAINTAIN 3MPH WALKING, must perform alternate cardio.

    May do triceps press, dips, bench press, medicine ball throws, pull-ups, biceps curls, rows, upright rows.

    If anyone can offer any advice that would be great... thanks....

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    Request to see school Commandant if your platoon sergeant is not abiding by your profile. Document the issues and remain squared away or they have ammunition against you. But honestly, does not look good about you since you are a new Soldier and already having these issues.
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    Sounds like you need a separation, we do NOT need Soldiers like you coming to us so tore up from AIT, I mean you have not even endured the rigors of a duty station (not to mention a deployment) and you are already more broken than Soldiers that have been in for 10 years (like myself)...I dont mean to be rude but holy crap, 5 years ago, we needed you, today, we do not...I say medical separation (with no pay for your injury because i bet you you hurt yoruself before joining and military service in basic only worsen your condition, not caused it)...
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    If you break your profile and (re)hurt yourself. Not only is the person in charge in trouble, but so are you. So like Chief said, request to see someone. The Army has an open door policy that allows you to see anyone you want and no one can tell you no. Although you must start at the bottom and work your way up.

    MP is right too. If you show up to your first unit unable to do PT..then you're immediately labeled as worthless.
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