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Thread: Prior Service BCT question

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    Default Prior Service BCT question

    Ok so I am on my way to infantry OSUT September 9th. I completed BCT back in 2002, but did not complete AIT. Someone told me today that it is quite possible that I will not be housed with initial entry soldiers, because I am a BCT graduate. Could this actually be a true situation?

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    I'm not sure. When you find out let us know. I know that several years ago all PS except those who were in Special Ops were exempt from BCT. I've heard that PS in BCT are treated better than new first-timers. They're given the respect of their rank but they're still trainees & the DS is king.

    According to my son who went through Infantry OSUT in '04 much of the BCT phase, especially later on, was Infantry-specific. The transition to the Infantry School phase was almost seamless.
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    When I reclassed as an MP, I was with all the PS reclass in a different building than BCT Soldiers but I still had Drill Sergeants for cadre. If you are an "insert", then you will be co-located with the new trainees but will receive "special treatment" from the cadre. Set the example!!
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    Few more things to it. Why did you not complete job training and were you discharged? If never completed training and were discharged from say a split op enlistment in Reserves to go to BCT during Jr summer of high school yes you will be in the mix with the new guys. 11X training is OSUT so you are continually learning throughout the training.

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