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Thread: Knee Boards in Land Navigation: Help or Hindrance?

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    Default Knee Boards in Land Navigation: Help or Hindrance?

    I've been looking for new ways to make my Land-Nav a bit more streamlined. I like to plot all my points and route before I set out and then just go. But if something goes wrong in path, I lose a lot of time when I need to stop, unpack everything, re-plot my plan, and re-pack it up.
    So I found this: MK III Tactical Kneeboard - Kneeboards - Aviation
    Has anyone used one of these before and if so would it be encumbering for land nav, and does it fit the army protractor/compass?

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    I've never thought about such a devise but this one looks like it would be only good for taking notes which in itself could be handy for land nav. It doesn't look like it has any compartment that a compass would fit in unless it was a civilian flat one.

    Spend the $70, test it out & come back here to give a report.
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